STEP 1: Credit Analysis


The process begins with a JAIN Financial Consultation. A credit expert provides an in-depth analysis of your credit file to find out why your scores are where they are and develop a customized plan of action to improve your rating and a realistic timeline. The cost of the consultation will go toward the cost of your program.                                  

Cost: $150                                                                             


STEP 2: Credit Restoration

SILVER PROGRAM: Monthly Membership

 Also known as the DIY ( Do-It-Yourself) Program.  This is a monthly membership program where we write the advanced tactics letters, email them to you and YOU mail them out.  As soon as you turn in your results from the bureaus via mail or email, we email your next set of letters to you. Cancel at any time.        

Cost: $399 setup & $149/ monthly


PLATINUM SERVICES: Consumer Advocacy Program

The Platinum Services use advanced tactics based on consumer protection rights to legally remove negative items permanently.  Based on extensive credit restoration knowledge we do everything possible to remove all types of negative items including letter writing to the bureaus and creditors, creditor phone calls and faxes, and debt settlement and negotiation. This is a pay for success program meaning, you only pay us if we remove items from your credit report.  Cost is per deletion and retainer is based on the number of negative items. Ideal for people who have a big ticket or deletion resistant items.


Collections, Charge-offs, Late Pays, and Included in Bankruptcy                                          Cost: $75/ item/bureau


Judgment and Civil Claims Removal                                                                                               Cost: $100/ item/ bureau


Federal/ State Tax Lien Removal                                                                                                    Cost: $100 /item/bureau    


Bankruptcy/ Foreclosure Removal                                                                                                 Cost: $200/ item/bureau


Collection Prevention Letter

Legal way to stop pending collections from showing up your credit.                                        Cost: $125


STEP 3:  Good Credit Mix

​You may cancel your service at any time.  Upon cancellation, services will be stopped, and you will be liable for deletions removed within the last billing period, prior to cancellation.

Train your team.  Do you have a credit repair business and want to train your team in advanced deletion tactics? Or do you want to start a credit repair business and need a stellar processing team?  We can help you hire and train your team with our cutting edge certification program that has proven over and over again to be able to cut the learning curve for advanced techniques training from 3-6 months to just 5 days! We also offer continuing education support as well.  Go to the Contact Us Page to submit a request for more information.


JAIN Financial Service Summary

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