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JAIN Financial Service Summary

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* REFUND POLICY - Money Back Guarantee - if in a nine-month time period we have not rendered services in excess of your deposit, we will refund your deposit minus the $150 consultation fee.



We act as a broker to several finance companies and therefore in a unique position to assist clients seeking business credit to match them to the right lenders and brokers that work for small and large funding amounts. With over $50M in approvals, from everything from SBA loans, private loans, equipment financing, credit card staking, AR & Purchase Order Financing and Securities Financing, we help our clients get funded

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​JAIN Credit Service Summary

STEP 1: Credit Analysis


The process begins with a JAIN Credit Consultation. A credit expert provides an in-depth analysis of the credit file to find out why the scores are where they are and develop a customized plan of action to improve the overall rating and a realistic timeline. The cost of the consultation goes toward programs.                  

Cost: $150                                                                                                                                                               

STEP 2: Credit Restoration


The Platinum Services use advanced tactics to legally remove negative items permanently. This is a pay for success program; clients pay if and only if an item is successfully removed. Our approach is global, aggressive, and the culmination of 17 years of tried, tested, and proven results.  Tactics include dispute letters, phone calls, faxes, to the bureaus, secondary bureaus and creditors as well as backend office work, debt settlement and negotiation. Clients have access to a client portal 24/7 to check their progress and upload documents from their phone.

Negative Item Removal Cost:

$75 / Negative Item / Bureau                                      $200 / Big Ticket Item / Bureau

- Late Pays                                                                  - Foreclosures
- Collections                                                               - Bankruptcies     
- Charge-offs                                                              - Repossessions
- Included In Bankruptcy                                           - Mortgage Lates


In today’s market, excessive inquiries are a reason for instant denials despite an excellent credit score. We remove denials, duplicates, and third part inquiries. We do not remove approvals. This is ideal for both pre and post funding.   
Expedited Delivery                            Standard Delivery
$375/ Bureau                                      $275/ Bureau   

Timeframe: 3 weeks                          Timeframe: 6 weeks


This service is ideal for clients who recently received a call or letter from regarding an attempt to collect a debt that has not yet reported. Guaranteed prevention of a new collection reporting to the bureaus.                                                                                                                                  

Cost: 10% of the debt or $275


This is ideal for clients who are either starting the funding process or adding tradelines because fraud alerts prevent either from going through and they don’t have time to spend removing them themselves.              

Cost: $225

STEP 3: Scorebuilding


With over 100 authorized user tradelines available monthly, this is ideal for clients who want to boost their scores or need to alter the metrics of their overall utilization to qualify for funding. NOTE: Tradelines will not report with an active fraud alert.  Clients follow the below link and pick the 2-3 tradelines that best help them achieve their goals. A chat is available for assistance. Price varies.

Jain Credit Tradeline Store link:  https://bit.ly/3ce16UH


 This is ideal for the client whose scores and report now qualify them for primary lender credit cards. Each new credit card increases the scores based on type.  Our consultants conduct an analysis of the client’s credit profile and provide a list of lenders that will likely approve them and best practices on how to apply and win.                                                                                 

Cost: $350                                                                                                                                         



● Business tradelines post within 45-60 days of the submission date.

● Business tradelines stay on the file permanently.

● Business tradelines post with up to 2 years history depending on age of company.

● Business tradelines post to Equifax, Experian, D&B, and Lexis Nexis via the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE).

● Final order cutoff date for tradeline submissions is the 20th.             

● Tradelines are uploaded to bureaus once per month on the 20st.